Acrobatic Eoin's bespoke patio with upright new railway sleepers

This is a unique and bespoke patio with vertical railway sleeper walls.The railway sleepers to the right hand side are a retaining wood wall as the ground level is 3 ft higher in the adjoining property.
The floor is made up of 4" of compacted crushed stone, and 3" of reinforced concrete. A blue acid bath wash will be added once the concrete has fully cured, which gives the look of a polished marble floor.
The customer is an electrician, so lots of lighting is expected.

Eion McNestry (Claystacker)

New British Pine Eco Friendly Railway Sleepers
2.4m x 200mm x 100mm Says..

Another impressive project and set of photos from Eoin McNestry showing an imaginative and attractive design, that transforms the corner of the garden into a beautiful patio. His pictures particularly display his hard graft, and acrobatic skill, as he tenaciously balances off a horizontal ladder whilst trowelling the concrete patio floor. All very admirable.