Azobe railway sleepers retaining wall

We have created a long retaining wall out of your used Azobe railway sleepers placed vertically. We placed the sleepers 900mm in the ground (digger essential!), leaving them about 1700m above the ground. We had a total of about 100 sleepers to place in the ground, & so we created a really efficient system of fastening the sleepers together in advance in blocks of 4 which were then lifted block by block into the trench. We made sure with spirit levels that the block of 4 were level with the previous four, by using the JCB to push in the right direction and then fastened them together with 1 metre lengths of 75mm x 75mm, and timberlok screws (which were so brilliant!). You can remove these later once the sleepers have been concreted into place, if they are going to be seen. If not, leave them in place,

Crucial factors: 
1) A digger driver who is really experienced, so that the trenches are 100% accurate in depth and level, and the gentle lifting and positioning of the blocks of 4 are spot on 
2) A really powerful drill to fasten the sleepers into units of four, and to quickly fasten the blocks of four together once the JCB has lifted them into positioning.
3) A minimum of two people to prepare the blocks of 4, and fasten the blocks in position. 

We chose the used Azobe railway sleepers because they are immensely strong, long-lasting, and a reclaimed material. Our other option was the Australian Jarrah. Remember that they are very heavy (about 90 - 100 kg), and very hard, so you will need decent cutting and drilling equipment. Overall, we are very pleased. 

Used Azobe railway sleepers
2.6m x 240mm x 140mm (approx) Says..

Thank you so much for your comprehensive stage by stage photos showing so clearly your impressive retaining wall from used Azobe railway sleepers. Brilliant to see how you cleverly created the blocks of 4, and lifted them into position, to build a wonderful and long lasting retaining wall that looks great, and is strong and attractive, especially once the wooden holding timbers have been removed.