Bob's curved railway sleeper walls

Here are a couple of snaps of work (sort of) in progress including authentic rubbish bags, abandoned barrow etc..! 
The railway sleeper curves are stitched together on the high side with 2 runs of stainless strapping fixed with woodscrews. This is a pain in the ass to do and locks in the occasional wobble in height, but it does stop odd pieces falling out of line. No concrete used (bad for some plants) but have packed them with sharp sand/gravel. 
Kind regards
Bob Thomlinson

Reclaimed tropical hardwood & Jarrah railway sleepers
1.2m and 2.6m x 300mm x 125mm Says..

Thanks for sending us the interim pictures of your project, together with a technical description of your handywork. Vertical sections of railway sleepers placed side by side are a great way of making a retaining wall. Even better is the ability to create a curved wall with various heights if needed. True there is the slog of digging out the trench, but the end product more than compensates for the tired muscles, or the complaints from those you roped into the task.