Dan's huge railway sleeper project

Half way into a huge railway sleeper project I thought I'd share it. 11 days in and it's taking shape. If any of you have laid reclaimed railway sleepers you will know how heavy they are and awkward. 192 down about 40 to go!
Dan Matthews
DL Surfacing & Groundwork

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Sometimes jobs seem endless and insurmountable. Sometimes you feel like you never want to see, let alone lift another railway sleeper in your life! But then, as the project progresses, and the design starts to shine through, the achievement and excitement and satisfaction starts coming to the surface. All credit to you. A great undertaking. 

Railway sleepers are really popular for creating an alternative to brick and concrete boundary walls. Stack the railway sleepers on top of each other, overlap the joints and then connect each layer both to the one below and also adjoining retaining posts using timberlok screws. There you have it. A great substitute to breeze blocks made with attractive reclaimed timber materials.