Golf club retaining walls with railway sleepers

Here are 3 sample pictures of the work we have done on our stream banks. 

The photos are of before and after, plus detail of the supports and joins, which we did using H-beams.  We will seed the reshaped banks soon.

I’m glad we eventually decided to use the H-beams – the steel was quite easily inserted into our clay subsoil using a large digger, which simply pressed them down to near the desired depth followed by some tapping with the bucket to get them exact.  Using railway sleeper sections, as I had originally hoped for, would have been much more work.

We now wait to see how the stream – and our members! – will react to the changes.  If we decide to extend the work to the rest of the stream in this area we are talking of up to 240 more railway sleepers, but that would be over more than one year.

The railway sleepers were excellent, by the way – pretty much identical in dimensions, and in good condition.

Many thanks for your help and advice

Alan Says..

What an immaculate job you've made of your railway sleeper retaining walls, which can be so tricky around the bank of a stream. The railway sleepers look as though they have been there for years which is praise to your workmanship. I hope that your golf members appreciate them, although I guess they will come into contact with them when they've driven their balls into the water, which is hardly a good time to admire your handiwork!