Jersey - a wealth of retaining walls from Azobe hardwood railway sleepers

Pictures of the walls we've built from your Azobe railway sleepers. We cut them with an overhead saw and bandsaw.
Barry de Caen
St Lawrence

Reclaimed Azobe tropical hardwood railway sleepers.
2.6m x 240mm x 140mm (approx) Says..

Thanks for sharing your wonderful landscaping. A great collection of timber walls built from the 'champagne' of railway sleepers- azobe tropical hardwood. Azobe is very heavy, very hard to cut, (although your professional bandsaw looks the business), and very durable. When new, the Belgium railway networks laid them down hoping for a potential life expectancy of up to 100 years. Their working life is now finished on the railway track, but at 50-60 years old they've still got some happy productive years left in retirement as they enhance your beautiful Jersey garden!