John's Azobe used railway sleeper wall & seat

Only a small project – but I just wanted to say we are delighted.

Our builder/gardener hadn’t encountered railway sleepers that could be creosote/tar free.  He consulted a couple of local suppliers of new oak “railway sleepers” who were adamant that there was no such thing as an impregnation-free used railway sleeper.  Our friends who’d made an unusable sandpit from tar-impregnated railway sleepers warned us against. In fact pretty well everyone said you’ll regret this, they’ll be impregnated and will start seeping all sorts of nasty things that make them impossible to sit on.  But we were confident enough in your website, we persuaded our builder, and the railway sleepers (Azobe) were exactly as you promised – tar free.  And we feel the look fully vindicates our desire to use real used railway sleepers rather than new wood cut into railway sleeper sizes. (And it wasn’t our chain saw that was used to cut them…)   Thanks from a very satisfied customer
John Swanson

Reclaimed Azobe railway sleepers Says..

Thank you for your kind words. It's very gratifying when you do your research and are proved right that non-creosote treated railway sleepers DO exist, despite the warnings and dis-information from supposed experts. Your wonderful finished project is all the more satisfying!! A great piece of landscaping.