Jon's retaining wall with Jarrah railway sleepers

Thank you for the helpful advice you gave me and the great service I got from you - as you can see I had a shocking looking soil bank in my garden that with the help of your railway sleepers, some new fencing, a small mortgage in the garden centre, and 3 weekends of hard work I have managed to transform into something that looks half respectable!! We have another part of the garden that also needs doing in a similar fashion....... but that can be next years project!! 
Jon Black,
Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands

Used Jarrah railway Sleepers
2.6m x 250mm x 150mm approx Says..

What a beautiful looking wall you have created to hold back your raised bank with these used Jarrah railway sleepers. They fit so perfectly with the willow fencing. Our only complaint is that you've only sent us two photos of your wonderful project!