Karen Frost- railway sleepers, one year ago... and now

Last Spring, (2005), We had some 3m new Pine railway sleepers from you. You cut them in half for us. We stained the railway sleepers in Willow Green. We had previously removed almost all the plants from the sloping garden. We separated the top part of the garden, and used off cuts of used railway sleepers as stepping stones. We attached one on top of the other to create a retaining wall further down the garden. So here we are, one year on, Spring 2006. Everything in the garden is blooming. The Forget-me-nots, allysum, etc, have softened the railway sleeper stepping stones. The aubretia is tumbling over the retaining wall. We gave the railway sleepers two coats of green, as they were quite thirsty, and they have retained the colour well.
Karen Frost
West Bridgford

New pine railway sleepers
3000mm x 250mm x 125mm

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

It's great to see side by side, the photos of the initial precise construction last year, and how, one year on, the thriving plants have grown into their new home, softening the edges of the railway sleepers and blossoming with vibrant colour.