Kilgraney's railway sleeper walls - being built, and 10 years later

Well, we're almost there ! After several months of lifting, cutting, mixing, digging, sharpening, screwing etc.. we're ready to plant up, and put our feet up. It's been a long journey but we're pleased with the results. It seems a long time ago that we sat on the top of the earth bank, in late summer, jotting down ideas and potential designs on the back of an envelope.

This project follows on directly from the project Great wall of China (1) 

Why this design?
In truth, there are hundreds of potentially excellent designs in any landscaping situation, and there are equally hundreds of factors that can lead to that end product.
It's facinating to listen to different people's 'grand designs' & 'If I were you I'd do this'. In this project we attempted to harvest the solid reasoning and quirky intuitions & crazy suggestions of family, friends and visitors, until we had a rough starting point. The rest was a mixture of luck, intuition and making it up as we went along. Good fun !

We have revisited the site and retaken some photos, many years later. Facinating to see a project a decade on! Says..

It's exciting to see the photos of a major railway sleeper project being built, and then returning to site many years later, (with a somewhat more advanced camera). Plants have grown, railway sleepers have weathered and moved, structures have appeared, and grey hair has mysteriously sprouted on the picture taker. The initial vision of the design has matured and come to fruition.