Paula & Andy's fence & hammock with railway sleepers

Hi there
Just finished re-building the garden! as you can see, the fence we had originally was rubbish, so what better to build a new one out of than.....railway sleepers. Removing the old fence, dwarf wall and foundations was the hardest work. Digging the holes for and setting in the uprights was also pretty tiring and an extremely dirty job, due to the extreme heat we did it in, which turned the soil to black dust, which got everywhere. Once the uprights were in, attaching the cross sleepers was easy. We thought it was going to take for ever, but the fixing screws are brilliant and went in really easily, with the help of a very powerful drill/driver. We got the new railway sleepers which we easily managed to lift between us, and thanks to the variety of lengths available, only had to do six cuts to get them to fit (used a small circular saw from both sides). The final three sleepers we have put to excellent use as supports for our hammocks, which makes the whole job worthwhile........there's nothing like lying back and admiring your work! Thanks for the advice on which railway sleepers to use. I imagine the second hand ones would not have looked as good. Thanks.
Paula & Andy Love Says..

An excellent account of your impressive project with really useful stage by stage photos, showing the development and transformation of your beautiful garden. As you say, it's the initial removal work that is exhausting, whereas the constructing with railway sleepers is relatively quick & easy.