Richard Godwin's landscaping with railway sleepers

As promised here are some pics of my garden project using new oak hardwood railway sleepers as a retaining wall. Upon demolishing the concrete garage the state of the retaining wall was apparent & a mini digger was used to dig right down & remove the old wall. Railway sleepers & steel RSJs were then used to create a new retaining wall. Due to the weight of the railway sleepers it was not possible to put in the RSJs first & slot the railway sleepers down after so the 2 corner RSJ's were concreted in & allowed to set. The railway sleepers were then slotted into the RSJ & stacked on top of each other. The next RSJ was then butted up to the stack & then concreted in. 26 railway sleepers were used in total with the bottom ones buried when back filled. The RSJs cost £250 delivered so total cost of materials was £1000, but cost effective for the size, and making a different and more natural look. Matching the existing wall would have proved difficult and expensive. I am currently using softwood railway sleepers for a raised pond & small retaining walls in the garden so will enclose phase 2 pics soon
Richard Godwin

New Oak railway sleepers
2400mm x 200mm x 100mm Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
Many thanks for the great pictures that show so perfectly the massive project you've determinedly undertaken (so far!) & how effective your use of the Oak railway sleepers & RSJs has been. It's as though you've created a blank canvas to start the garden again from scratch!.