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Roger's 'holding back' with railway sleepers

  • Roger's 'holding back' with railway sleepers
  • Roger's 'holding back' with railway sleepers
  • Roger's 'holding back' with railway sleepers
  • Roger's 'holding back' with railway sleepers

Dear Kilgraney,
I'm sorry it's taken so long to get the pictures of the project to you but I've had to rebuild my PC and I've lost some of the earlier pictures of the preparation work - anyway here goes.

We needed to construct such a solid structure because of the slope on our back garden. Having extended the house by c.12 ft to increase the kitchen and to create a utility room, we overlooked what state the back garden would be in. To clear the ground in preparation for the extension and the finishing works you see attached I had to shift 160 tons (yes that's right) of earth, rubble and clay. If I remember it was 14 ten tonne skips and 2 or three 6 tonne skips. Once the extension was complete we then spent two years looking out of the kitchen window at a bank of earth 40 ft wide and in places 8 feet tall.

I admired many of the projects your other customers had completed, but I knew that whatever had to be done the design would have to hold back all 80ft of my garden and a good portion of my neighbours garden...so I bottled out and used a firm of landscape gardeners in Lichfield near where I work and a plan was created. That's where you came in and supplied 130 8'6" french oak sleepers. I know it looks a bit stark but we have a planting plan to soften the stark edges and after two years we can access the rest of our garden. It has also inspred my wife and I to 'start again' with the whole back garden! But at least Kilgraney sleepers are preventing our garden becoming an integral part of the kitchen. My sincere thanks for your help and support
Best regards
Roger Needham

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

What a challenging labour of determination and hard graft, to transform a huge bank of soil into a multi layered terraced garden, that will soon soften into a spectacular planted view.