RSJs, steel H beams & railway sleeper walls (Part 1)

Railway sleepers slotted into RSJs (rigid steel joists) or steel H beams have been traditionally been used on farms, builders yards, and commercial settings for decades, to create strong retaining walls, silo bays, aggregate bays, boundary walls etc... More recently this type of railway sleeper wall has also been used in domestic gardens, where the height or strength that is required is above the normal dimensions or specifications of building retaining walls with railway sleepers. Alternatively they are now used in situation where the garden designer wants a more industrial look to the project. Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
A collection of photos showing various projects that have used RSJs or H & I beams with railway sleepers to construct silo walls and some very strong, rugged and long lasting bays. The principle of using RSJs & steel H beams, and inserting stacked railway sleepers as walls is very effective, quick, and simple.