The Old Bakehouse's curved retaining wall from reclaimed oak railway sleepers

We're really happy with the project, although the digging of the trenches was hard work, and  backache was suffered for a week afterwards !
We used the reclaimed oak sleepers 1.2m x 140mm x 140mm approx. There were some variation in widths and straightness, but we dealt with that as we went along, by putting the vertical sleepers next to each other that best matched.
A dry cement mix worked well, as we could move the sleepers around in the trench, and get them nicely vertical, without getting wet cement everywhere. A chainsaw is really effective to cut down the height of the railway sleepers, but please take great care !
Overall, we're very pleased. A great addition to our small garden, that is looking better and better over the years.
Wendy and Jerry Says..

A really attractive project, with great photos to show all the stages you went through. It looks brilliant underneath the trees and with the backdrop of the old brick wall.