Warren's Railway Sleeper Retaining Wall

In July of this year we purchased our new home which had a 3'/4' drop at the bottom of the garden. We so much wanted a flat garden and not one which was split level, so we decided to use sleepers at the bottom end of the garden to build a retaining wall and fill in and level out the garden with hardcore and top soil. We bought 24 French Oak sleepers from you and extra posts and put them in place.

At the bottom right-hand corner the drop was deeper so we filled in with more hardcore at this point for drainage. We then put down the top soil and hired out a wacker plate for the weekend and thus our garden was now transformed from multi-level into a completely flat garden. We then put down the lawn, filled in the edges with shrubs that grow up to 6' so we are then able to get the height back at the edges of our garden and then other shrubs and plants in front of these to fill out the borders. We then filled in with mulch. Our little garden project took approximately 3 weeks to complete and cost approximately £1500 and we are so happy with it. Your sleepers transformed our garden no end and we would definitely recommend sleepers as a natural approach to a retaining wall.

Thanks again, Warren

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

All praise to you for your design and transformation. How amazingly hard you've clearly worked to boldly create for yourself the flat garden you wanted. It looks great now, and will be even better once the shrubs have matured. What a change from what you inherited !