Railway sleeper steps in a beautiful sloping Jersey garden

Here are some pictures of some steps made from your tropical hardwood railway sleepers.
Barry de Caen
St Lawrence

Reclaimed Azobe tropical hardwood railway sleepers.
2.6m x 240mm x 140mm (approx)

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Your beautiful Jersey paradise has steps in their hundreds. One thing you're sure of when you have such a gorgeous sloping garden is that you've got to be pretty fit to take on all those flights of stairs! Azobe tropical hardwood railway sleepers are a great choice for all these steps as they are so durable. Yes, they are heavy and tough to cut, but when they are finally installed they last for decades, and blend amazingly amongst all the plants and trees. Solid, beautifully weathered and a constant invitation to explore the different delights of your garden.