Andrew's railway sleeper bench / table

Do you remember I came up about a month ago and loaded five railway sleepers into the back of a silver fiat multipla - 3 old oak ones and two new oak ones. We had to cut them to fit them in the car. Well, as promised some photos - use them as you will.

I used the two new oak railway sleepers to make a couple of benches (well they could be benches or low tables, we've not decided yet). Also, inside or outside, havent made our minds up, they look good in or out. Just skimmed off a couple of mm with a sharp plane to smooth them up and reveal the grain. The table shown is an 8' 6" x 9" x 5" railway sleeper chopped in half, with two smaller lengths of a second one for legs. What was left was used to make a smaller bench/table.

I've also included a scan of a product catalogue that shows an equivalent table on sale for almost £400!
Hope they are useful

New oak railway sleepers
2400mm x 200mm x 100mm Says..

The table looks wonderful...really solid and substantial.... like it will be there in hundreds of years time, (when we and the Fiat Multipla are long gone), like weighty medieval furniture in ancient castles. Even more special that you've made it yourself. Thanks also for the scan of the catalogue. I hope that Cotswold will forgive me duplicating it.