Charlie's railway sleeper coffee table

I tried to take pictures to show how I set about making the table from start to finish so here's a few to show you how it went. I'm really please with the finished article. It looks great and suits our room perfectly. Had I bought this type of table from a shop it would not be the exact size I wanted and it would have set me back £350!!! I have exactly what I want for a mere £50! Bargain.

It took me about 6 hours to make it. First I planed and sanded the wood down to a nice smooth finish. Then I chiselled out a niche on the underside of the table tops so that they sit on the legs nicely. Ideally I would have liked a router for this job as it took me about 3.5 hours by hand!
I'll be in touch again shortly as I'll be having a go at making a kitchen table soon, as soon as I have another spare weekend!

New Oak railway sleepers
2400mmx 200mm x 100mm Says..

A great set of pictures and commentary, showing really usefully how you've started with some new Oak railway sleepers, and turned them into a brilliant yet simple piece of furniture, that's exactly the size you want...and as you say, a substantial financial saving as well ! An inspiration to others to have a go!