Chris deBeer's table with railway sleepers

Although the railway sleepers were not bought from you, I thought I’d send you two photos of a dining table and benches I made.

The table top is made with 25mm thick railway sleeper cut into planks. It also has a 25mm thick glass inlay in the centre. The glass rests on teak, msasa and Rhodesian teak planks widely spaced so one can see through. I had to wait for all of my friends to visit me so we could carry the top into my home. It is very heavy!

The benches are made with yellow wood railway sleepers. The wood is dark stained because of the treatment given to the railway sleepers.

My wife once saw a similar bench and from there the idea.
Chris de Beer

Used Tropical Hardwood top grade railway sleepers
2600 x 250 x 125mm Says..

Many thanks for the photos and details of your project. Very unique and stunning furniture, and a credit to your handiwork.