'HOW TO BUILD A TV TABLE IN 20 MINUTES' instant recipe from old hardwood railway sleepers

Ben & Amy had only minutes to build a sturdy TV table, once the gigantic box with their new television arrived, otherwise there would be no series to watch that night. Crisis!
What they came up with was a super fast recipe that anyone could follow: 

Instant 'build a TV table in 20 minutes' recipe
1) Lay 2 no. 600mm long railway sleepers onto the floor, on their narrow edge.
2) Place 2 no. 1200mm long railway sleepers on top of them, on their wider edge.
3) Mark out where you intend to attach them all together with Timberlok screws, (2 screws per end, so 8 in total) and then pre-drill the 8 holes with a 6mm wood drill. 
4) Screw in the 8 no. 200mm Timberlok screws, which will then fasten the table together.
5) Carry the table into place. You may want to give it a brush down first. Take care lifting it. It's probably about 120kg in weight, and strong enough to support an elephant. Think of putting put felt pads under the table, if you don't want to mark the carpet or floor.
6) Take the new TV out of the box, place it on your chunky new table and plug it in!
Mission completed. Crisis over. TV service is now resumed!

2 no. 1200mm x 300mm x 125mm
2 no. 600mm x 300mm x 125mm
8 no. Timberlok screws (200mm)


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REALITY CHECK: Tests have proven that the 'Instant build a TV Table in 20 minutes' recipe actually only took 19 minutes, so that leaves an extra minute to pretend to be an large animal, jump up and down on the TV table and admire your rugged masterpiece. Your railway sleeper heirloom will no doubt last several hundred years, by which time TVs will probably be extinct, and elephants will hopefully rule the planet.