James Anderson's karri railway sleeper table

STEP 1. Have a good look at Railwaysleepers.com woodyard.

STEP 2. Easy on the electric planer

STEP 3. Fine smoothing needed

STEP 4. All planed apart from ends which don't fit in the planer!!!!

STEP 5. Using a circular saw I cut the timber to length by doing two cuts and no chainsaw. After using the circular saw I sanded the ends with a portable power sander.

STEP 6. Started getting a bit technical and clamped top together with sash clamps. I nailed on a 3mm MDF rectangle with panel pins as a guide for the router. I routed 10mm deep leaving a interference fit for the legs.

STEP 7. NO GLUE just weight needed to hold it all in place. Gap left to allow for any movement in wood.

STEP 8. Finished product with all edges and sharp corners taken off with router bit.

STEP 9. Everybody who comes round loves it so make one!!! All for under £100 and a bad back making it! Hope this is of interest to you.

James Anderson

New Oak railway sleepers

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

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Many thanks for the step by step photos. Really useful, and great encouragement for others to have a go themselves. You've created a simple yet beautiful table which seems to look both traditional & contemporary, and would grace an old farmhouse, as well as a hi-tech modern house. Careful with the back next time!