Jess's coffee table from new oak railway sleepers

A simple coffee table made for Jess by Paul Fryer, from new oak railway sleepers that were several years old, and already partially seasoned. This should hopefully make the railway sleepers crack less, although we won't know for a while, until it's been in the house for a few months. The three 'goal posts' were made separately, screwed together with timberlok screws, which enabled transporting to be less painful. The total weight is about 150 - 200kg which is too much to lift for mere mortals. It also meant that the railway sleeper coffee table could be used in whatever width of section that was wanted at the time - i.e. you could use just 2 sections together, and use the 3rd section on its own. Versatile, you see!

Liverpool. Says..

Very attractive. A really classic and satisfying design using railway sleepers that cleverly enables the table to be used in different sections and ways. It will grace any home, whether modern or period.