Phil Hague's amazing oak coffee table

I bought some oak railway sleepers back in October. I had them drying in the house after cutting them to a rough size. The moisture level was 10 to 11. Not ideal but they had to be done. They were sent through the planer thicknesser, squared up, and then using biscuits and glue they were fixed together. I morticed  to a depth of  25mm to accept the legs, and these were then glued and screwed in place.

A resin mix was used to fill the cracks on the top face, accentuating the cracks. Danish oil and wax was  used to finish the railway sleepers. The side tables were done in practically the same process.

Untreated oak railway sleepers Says..

Really wonderful pictures of your fabulous oak railway sleeper table. Most people will simply be amazed how you have turned such rustic stained railway sleepers into such a beautiful piece of furniture. Very impressive.