Richard Well's 'rustic chic' table with railway sleepers

I just wanted to send you a couple of photos from my "rustic chic" garden table project which is now finished. I found it heavy going moving the wood around the back yard. Cutting the mortise and tenon joints in new oak railway sleepers for the legs and cross bracing took some time, as did fitting the rebates in the sleepers to match . . . but I think that the result was worth the effort. I think that my lack of precision can be excused if the product is supposed to be 'rustic chic'! The table measures about 2.1m by 1m . . . and weighs in at about 250kg. Designed to seat 8-10 pretty comfortably. It ain't moving. I'm looking forward to having mates around to enjoy bbq food on the table come spring. Next project: bench seats for the table - I will be in touch. All the best and thanks for your help with the railway sleepers.
Richard Wells

New Oak railway sleepers
2400mm x 200mm x 100mm Says..

A sturdy, solid and well crafted creation that will out last many bbq's with riotous friends!