Simon Daff's Coffee Table with New Oak Railway Sleepers

As promised, here are the pictures showing construction of a coffee table from the oak railway sleepers I picked up from you a week ago. These are the materials used:

5x1200-200-100 French oak railway sleepers
2x800mm m10 threaded rod - bolts 4 railway sleepers together for table top - cut to size
4x250mm m10 eye bolts - attaches leg pieces to table top via rods
8xHex Drive Furniture Connector Caps - bolts all pieces together
Rustins Danish Oil
Work bench, Drill, Belt Sander, Circular Saw to cut one railway sleeper in half for legs
This was a fun summer project, but the sanding took a long time - several broken belts, one burnt out motor!

I may be back for a couple more railway sleepers....... side tables, standard lamps, garden furniture are all possibilities - the only constraint is time!


Simon from Sheffield Says..

Fantastic to see the photos of the process you went through to create your railway sleeper coffee table, together with such a clear menu of all the ingredients you used to construct it. It's wonderful to see the dramatic change from the raw and rough oak railway sleeper, to the immaculate polished finish . Despite all the time and energy used, not to mention the exhausted sander, you have made a beautiful, unique table that will be treasured for decades.