Tom's amazing furniture from Azobe (Ekki) tropical hardwood railway sleepers

I bought some Ekki (Azobe) tropical hardwood railway sleepers from you in November 2020 and thought you'd like to see some photos of the projects I've completed with them.  The Garden Table is entirely made from Ekki (Azobe). The cabinet is mostly oak but the central panel in the door is Ekki and the sides of the drawers are Ekki.
For cutting the railway sleepers I used a circular saw and cut them from both sides, and for finishing up some of the cuts where you couldn't get the circular saw in I used a fairly fine toothed panel saw and a lot of elbow grease.  I found a chainsaw didn't work very well as the blade blunted very quickly, basically if it wasn't a tungsten carbide tipped tool then don't bother. 

I've got a few more projects to use the railway sleepers for but I thought you'd like to see what's been done with them so far, especially some of the more unexpected projects.
Tom Kemp,
Swadlincote, Derbyshire,
Old Azobe tropical hardwood railway sleepers
2.6m x 240mm x 140mm Says..

All credit to you Tom. A true craftsman. What a stunning transformation of an old weathered and reclaimed railway sleeper to a beautiful piece of furniture. Such skill, patience and precision in your joinery. Simply amazing.