HM Ocelot (1962) Submarine's use of railway sleepers

HM Submarine Ocelot was the last warship built for the Royal Navy at Chatham Dockyard. An 'O' Class diesel electric submarine, she was launched in 1962 and saw service with Royal Navy throughout the height of the Cold War until she paid off in 1991

Length: 290ft (90m)
Width: 26ft (8.1m) Draft: 16 ft (5m)
Displacement: 2410 tons
Range: 9000 miles
Compliment: 68 men
Speed submerged: 17knots (20 mph) Says..

There are always unusual uses for railway sleepers (or at least those you wouldn't naturally think of). We were recently contacted about supplying railway sleepers to support this submarine in dry dock.