Will Stewart's Pen from a used Jarrah railway sleeper

I thought you might be interested in a picture of a pen that I made as a small test project with wood from the Jarrah railway sleeper I picked up yesterday. Contrary to some comments it turns well and was quite easy to cut, albeit initially with a TC-tipped saw. The plain cylinder was just a test. Looks rather like mahogany but is harder and smoother.
I suppose one railway sleeper would make quite a lot of pens!
Will Stewart

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

It is both incredible and inspiring to think that a 2.6m x 250mm x 125mm rough and ready weathered piece of reclaimed Jarrah railway sleeper can be turned into such a delicate thing of beauty. 

As a rough ridiculous estimate, one Jarrah railway sleeper could make 8,125 pens! (Of course allowing for no wastage, and absolutely no knowledge of wood turning!) And, if you sold these beautiful pens for £125 each, that would be 1 million pounds per railway sleeper. So a 1000 sleepers would create 8,125,000 pens which is 1 billion pounds....aghhh!! A solution for our national debt! Forget the National Lottery. Let's make railway sleeper pens! And with your billions you could run for President of the USA!

Food for thought about a pen being mightier than a ... err.... railway sleeper.