George Mudie's raised pond with railway sleepers

Dear Kilgraney
As requested, please find attached some pictures of the, nearly, completed pond. Very happy with the pond and it makes a great centrepiece to the garden, plus the fish love their new home. Now its time see what we do with the rest of the garden, so I suspect you might be getting another call for more sleepers, probably not azobe next time. Wow they were heavy and incredibly hard !

The wood being so hard did make for many head-scratching moments as the Timberlock screws just couldn't cope, even with pre-drilling, about 50% of them snapped and I had to resort to coach bolts and heavy duty L-brackets to hold the walls together.

That said, its a distant memory the splinters, burses and swearing as I relax with a beer listening to the the waterfall. Regards,
George Mudie Says..

As you say, a great watery trickling centrepiece that was a tough endeavour, but worth it in the end.
Azobe is one of the hardest, heaviest, long lasting woods in the world; a major challenge for any saw, drill & screw. Sorry it was such an ordeal, but result is great, &the beer tastes good!