George's 7 stages of a railway sleeper pond

Stage 1: Head scratching and contemplation of the enormity of the task. Also known as the OMG stage.
Stage 2: Levelling ground and planning stage. Also known as the “Don’t leave the rake that way.” Stage
Stage 3: laying out and ignoring instructions stage. This is also referred to as the “Near enough is good enough.” Stage, or sometimes as the “Recovery from rake injuries.” Stage.
Stage 4: The let’s screw a few together and see what happens Stage.This involves complaining that the L shaped hammer is useless. Also called the “ Pretending to know what a spirit level is used for.” Stage.
Stage 5: The I can’t believe I got this far without it going wrong Stage 
Tip: access limited to far side, so assembled second layer on top of first as easy to line up, then turn over. This is the “I’m getting good at this, misplaced overconfidence” Stage.
I assembled the top layer and fitted it on hinges at one end.This facilitates easy replacement of liner etc.
Stage 6: Finished project admiration stage. Sometimes referred to as the: My other half says ‘Can you move it 6 inches to the left?’ stage.

George Zielinski

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Thank you George both for your photos and also your witty and informal build commentary of your railway sleeper pond. I sense an equal feeling of enjoyment and accomplishment, as you learned on the job as the railway sleepers were assembled one by one. Well done!