Instant pond

Everyone loves a pond (Well, almost everyone!) and it is so simple to turn one of your whisky planters into a water feature.  Simply line it with plastic and fill it up. Of course you could use proper pond liner with some soft membrane underneath, and that would look fantastic and professional. But if you are in a hurry, and with a tight budget, put some newspaper or old carpet at the bottom, and simply put a heavy duty bin bag inside, fill up with water and cut off the surplus.  Hey presto, an instant pond! If you're worried about leaks,  spash out and use two bags! (one bag inside another)


Materials Used
Oak whisky planter
Couple of bin bags
Stapler Says..

It's like an instant pop up pond! Great idea, and brilliant for pond plants and attracting wildlife.

For those slightly more adventurous people, and with a passion for fish, a few railway sleepers attached to each other and you can have a very smart pond. Something like the new pressure treated Pine are great, as they stack very neatly together. Many examples in this water features projects section