James Bean's new railway sleeper pond project

I recently bought 16 number 3.6m new pine railway sleepers from you to build a new pond which is designed to be otter proof as four were released near here at the end of last year and over the winter my old pond was raided and completely emptied of fish.
At the time you asked me to send you some pictures of the project to inspire others, please find photo’s attached.
Should anyone wish to contact me for help, advice or to enquire if I could build them a pond I am happy for you to pass on my email address.

James Bean

New eco friendly British pine railway sleepers

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

A magnificent raised pond that is as impressive as it is otter proof. It is an inspirational example to others of how to build a water feature with railway sleepers, and  proof of how great creations can come from an otherwise frustrating experience. Your before, during and after photos are especially brilliant, and will no doubt encourage others to take the plunge!