Joe & Dee's Wonderful Koi Carp Pond with new Railway Sleepers

Joe and Dee’s Japanese Koi Carp Pond with new oak railway sleepers

We moved house November 2012 and the new owners of our old house agreed to look after our Koi, some we have owned for over 25 years.

I found your site via a google search and decided to build a new pond.

I got very good advice and ordered the railway sleepers and timberlock screws late November.

My son helped with the delivery of the railway sleepers. We had to slide them down a board about 8 feet!

My son was going to help with the construction but he did not have time with work and a new baby boy.

I built the pond myself, I used a small electric chainsaw, a rechargeable drill screwdriver, drill bits, and small rolling pins from Tesco (see picture).

The railway sleeper pond took about two weeks to complete and was quite hard work for a 62 year old!

It was quite easy to lift one end of a railway sleeper and roll it into place on one, two, or three rolling pins.

The fish have settled in well and we are very pleased with the finished project.

Joe & Dee

New oak railway sleepers
Timberlok screws Says..

Thank you so much for your time and effort to share this railway sleeper project. A fabulous project with perfect photographs showing every construction moment stage by stage, that is incredibly useful. From the very first beginnings to its magnificent conclusion you have built a fantastic raised pond that would grace any garden or landscaping project. Very beautiful and very impressive, not to mention the ingenuity of the rolling pins in moving the railway sleepers!