Mike Fisher's railway sleeper bridges

Here's my digital picture of the bridge using your railway sleepers. Practical, not bad looking, on time and ready for all sorts. The bridge is working well. It took a loaded two ton 4 x 4 Thwaites Dumper over last week. No movement! Thank goodness! Yippee. Take care and thanks for your help on this one.
Mike Fisher

One year later.....
You see - finally - we are near completion of the crossing timber bridge!
I have pictures from the start to what will be the finish - with something crossing the bridge…. eventually!

New Pine railway sleepers
2400mm x 200mm x 100mm
3000mm x 200mm x 100mm

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

An impressive collection of bridges. From the first bridge, to the later models, they look simple, sturdy, and gently fit into the most beautiful of settings. Clearly a muddy labour of love, with hours of determined graft.
Thanks for the poetic commentary.