Paul Hayman's incredible water feature

Dear Kilgraney , Remember me, I helped Rob build his sleeper patio... well, we've now finished my decking project.. Started off small... ended up huge! Here are the long awaited photos. When I bought the sleepers I intended to use them around the base of the fence, holding in neighbour's gardens (as we were reducing the level). However... one drunken night after a hard day's decking, we came up with the idea of building a water feature out of the 125Kg African Azobe sleepers. With a bunch of patience, some stainless steel, plumbing, welding, sawing and the aid of a sledge hammer. We did it. Hope you have fun putting a page together and choosing photos. There are 308 to choose from ! Regards, Paul Hayman www.paulhayman (300 more photos to see) Says..

An incredible water design, with the most comprehensive set of project photos you could imagine - (look at them on his site, they're amazing) What a superb and original creation you've made - beautiful lines and symmetry, exquisite lighting, fantastic wooden textures, top craftsmanship, and a finished creation that would be the pride of any setting.