The curious case of telegraph poles, eccentricity and Aussie nudity

Whilst trekking in Western Australia, north of Perth, we came across a Telegraph Station museum at Hamelin Bay (near Shark Bay), dating from 1884. Full of early telegraph history, telegraph pole paraphernalia and even eccentric Aussie nudity! Says..

Clearly our Aussie brothers share a passion for telegraph poles, and are keen to combine this with sunbathing and naturism. I'm unsure whether this would catch on amongst British Telecom engineers who might struggle with natural inhibition and early morning frosts. Incidentally, a fanatical love of Telegraph Poles is not limited to Australians. We Pommies have our own 'Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society' that is a wonderful blend of information and eccentricity, including 'Telegraph pole of the month'.
There are some wonderful features and photos including a superb technical article about the telegraph pole, written by the Institution of Post Office Electrical Engineers written in 1930!