Timber & decking screws - 100% CLEARANCE BARGAINS!


Product code Size Pack size Unit Price (+vat) Quantity
Fastenmaster 'dark redwood' TrapEase 2 composite decking screw Product code: DS63 350 Size: 63mm Pack size: 350 £79.99 £48.00 - +
Carpenters Mate square drive Product code: DS75 1500 Size: 75mm Pack size: 1500 £98.00 £38.00 - +
Carpenters Mate square drive Product code: DS75 1750 Size: 75mm Pack size: 1750 £110.00 £44.00 - +
Fastenmaster 'guard dog' pozi head Product code: DS90 350 Size: 90mm Pack size: 350 £39.99 £22.00 - +
Carpenters Mate square drive Product code: DS90 1000 Size: 90mm Pack size: 1000 £98.00 £33.00 - +
Fastenmaster pozi head Product code: DS90 1350 Size: 90mm Pack size: 1350 £121.30 £38.00 - +
Square drive Product code: DSSQ 02 Size: Square drive drill bit Pack size: 1 £3.00 £1.50 - +


"Honest Guv'nor! These are genuine bargains!"
How many times are we told this. We are bombarded every day with so called 'special offers', whether '2 for the price of 1', or '50% off' or 'final closing down sale' etc... and we inevitably learn to be suspicious of such claims. The old saying often rings true deep down in our psyche: 'If something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is!' 

Yet at the same time we seem to be attracted to such offers. Of course we all want to save money, but we also feel a sense of personal achievement or triumph when we seem to have got something cheaper. A bargain. A one off special deal. A satisfying sense of accomplishment when we barter or beat someone down in price. 

Which brings me to my point. How do we sell a genuine bargain, when we are all conditioned to feel that we are constantly being conned by dodgy salesman or lying telesales? I remember the tale of when someone unsuccessfully tried to give away free five pound notes on Westminster Bridge in London. They coudn't do it! Ultimately it boiled down to people either feeling there was a catch or a hidden scam, or they feared taking a risk and appearing a fool! 

We'll leave it for you to judge!
These timber and decking screws are ridiculously reduced in price in order to clear more space in our storage area. I know that that sounds like a corny sales pitch, but it is the TRUTH! A genuine good deal that you are welcome to take advantage of. The boxes may be a bit dusty, but they are seriously discounted. You need proof? OK!  Let's take the first offer of 350 no. Fastenmaster 'dark redwood' TrapEase 2 composite decking screw, 63mm. If you visit Screwfix (who are known to sell things at a pretty low price) they are being sold for £79.99. From us, you can get them for £48 + Vat (£57.60). 
Now that's what I call a bargain!!



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