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Timberlok decking screws

  • Timberlok decking screws
  • Timberlok decking screws



using TIMBERLOK decking screws

We particularly rate them because of the square inset head, rather than a slotted head (-) or cross head (+).
Unlike a conventional design, this makes the screw heads much less likely to damage when you are inserting them or removing them, which has got to be good when you are about to use several thousand screws on a large decking project. We've also found them to be equally effective on hardwood or softwood decking, providing your drill is reasonably powerful.

Product code Size Pack size Unit Price (+vat) Quantity
Product code: DS50 1750 Size: 50mm Pack size: 1750 £82.00 £41.00
Product code: DS50 2000 Size: 50mm Pack size: 2000 £92.00 £46.00
Product code: DS75 1500 Size: 75mm Pack size: 1500 £98.00 £49.00
Product code: DS75 1750 Size: 75mm Pack size: 1750 £110.00 £55.00
Product code: DS90 350 Size: 90mm Pack size: 350 £36.00 £18.00
Product code: DS90 1000 Size: 90mm Pack size: 1000 £98.00 £49.00
Product code: DS90 1350 Size: 90mm Pack size: 1350 £120.00 £60.00
Product code: DSSQ 02 Size: Square drive drill bit Pack size: 1 £3.00