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Railway Sleepers everywhere in the UK!

London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, John O'Groats etc...

What do the cities, towns & counties of the UK all have in common? Football teams? Railway Stations? Market squares? Churches? Shopping centres? Telephone boxes? Of course they probably all equally share a variety of similarities, and much much more, but the one thing they all have in common is RAILWAY SLEEPERS! Yes, through our army of landscapers, customers and friends we have built railway sleeper projects in almost every city & town in the UK, not to mention many European & worldwide destinations as well! 

Click on some of the places on the left hand side menu on this page, and have a look at examples of railway sleeper projects in some of our different cities, towns & counties.

As well as clicking on some of our towns & cities, you are welcome to visit our massive PROJECTS LIBRARY which now rates as the largest railway sleeper projects library in the world!!

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