Oak Whisky Planter SETS


Planters Unit Price (+vat) Quantity
1 SET of 3 different sizes. See 'Overview' above Planters: 3 £90.00 £79.00 - +
2 SETS of 3 different sizes. See 'Overview' above Planters: 6 £180.00 £150.00 - +
3 SETS of 3 different sizes. See 'Overview' above Planters: 9 £270.00 £225.00 - +


Oak Barrel Planters
Whisky barrel planters have been popular in the garden for many years.  They are an ideal addition to any rustic style garden or outdoor space and make ideal patio planters. Handmade by our experienced craftsmen, these stunning oak planters come in three different sizes and are ideal for group displays. They provide the perfect way to add a splash of colour and 'old barrel' charm to any outdoor area, including small patios. They have been made from recycled oak whisky casks. 

Small Tub:
40cm x 33cm ( 16" x 13")

Medium Tub:
50cm x 33cm ( 20" x 13")
Large Tub:
57cm x 33cm ( 22" x 13")

They are traditional rustic planters which complement all types of bedding plants, and they are sure to add character to any outdoor space. It is recommended that these products are stored externally and kept moist/wet to prevent shrinkage until filled with soil. Due to the hand-crafted nature of these items, all sizes are approximate. They are not suitable for holding water, without a pond liner.


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Extra Info

Instant pond!

Everyone loves a pond (Well, almost everyone!) and it is so simple to turn one of your whisky planters into a water feature.  Simply line it with plastic and fill it up. Of course you could use proper pond liner with some soft membrane underneath, and that would look fantastic and professional. But if you are in a hurry, and with a tight budget, put some newspaper or old carpet at the bottom, and simply put a heavy duty bin bag inside, fill up with water and cut off the surplus.  Hey presto, an instant pond! If you're worried about leaks,  spash out and use two bags! (one bag inside another)

For those slightly more adventurous people, and with a passion for fish, a few railway sleepers attached to each other and you can have a very smart pond. Something like the new pressure treated Pine are great, as they stack very neatly together. Many examples in the water features projects section: