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Railway sleepers

Railway sleepers

Railway Sleepers are our Passion !!

New or Reclaimed, Hardwood or Softwood, Treated or Untreated, Tiny or Massive, Light or Heavy, Oak, Pine, Jarrah, Azobe etc..  

Yes, we are pretty obsessive! Railway sleepers are our passion, and this website reflects our desire to encourage everyone to use new and used railway sleepers for landscaping, construction, furniture etc... Whether you are planning a raised bed, retaining wall, pond or steps in the garden, you will find railway sleepers an excellent material to use. Whether you are building a fireplace, door lintel, bench or table top you will discover that railway sleepers have the answer to all your creative dreams.  

Wooden Railway Sleepers have been used for centuries for railway lines to fasten to. Nowadays, although still widely used on the railway track, their popularity is increasingly with landscapers, builders & furniture makers. Railway sleepers are solid, long-lasting & full of character. Light or dark coloured, square edged or rounded, new or weathered, modern or 'olde worlde'... There's everything for everyone! It all depends on the project you're creating and the effect that you want! 

Look at our massive RAILWAY SLEEPERS PROJECTS LIBRARY, the largest in the world, with numerous projects from throughout the UK, and all over the world.