Oak Butts & Hogsheads


Barrel type Height Top diameter Middle diameter Weight Unit Price (+vat) Quantity
Barrel type: Hogshead Height: 0.90m approx Top diameter: 0.60m approx Middle diameter: 0.70m approx Weight: 50-60 kilos £95.00 - +
Barrel type: Puncheon Height: 1.10m approx Top diameter: 0.80m approx Middle diameter: 1.00m approx Weight: 90-100 kilos £155.00 - +
Barrel type: Half Puncheon Height: 0.5m approx Top diameter: 0.90m approx Middle diameter: Weight: 45-50 kilos £88.00 - +
Barrel type: Butt Height: 1.30m approx Top diameter: 0.70m approx Middle diameter: 0.90m approx Weight: 100-110 kilos £165.00 - +


Oak Barrels
Collection of Oak barrels, Hogsheads, Butts and Puncheons at our wood yard. Railwaysleepers.comOur reclaimed barrels are made of oak and normally originate from either Scottish whisky distilleries or French wine and brandy makers, when they upgrade their stock. If you smell them closely you can still pick up the scent of the whisky which has impregnated the oak. They look excellent in gardens as an original feature that is both practical, historical and attractive. Barrels are a reminder of bygone days... of boats, trading and settlers. Nostalgic memories of carts and shirehorses and a smell of wine and apples. They can be used as water butts, planters, seats, jacuzzis, water features.
Are barrels watertight?
When barrels are first made and filled with liquid, the oak timber swells to create a watertight vessel. However when the whisky is emptied the oak timber can start to dry out and shrink which can cause slight gaps or leakage. Normally when refilled with liquid, the oak will expand again and become watertight, however this is not always the case especially if the barrels have been dry and empty for some time, and the metal hoops have become loose. 

Barrels or 'casks'?
Many people use the term 'barrel' whatever its size or shape, and simply refer to 'big barrel', or 'small barrel' etc...  In truth a more accurate term is 'Cask' which by definition is a wooden container for storing liquids. So, there are lots of different sized casks, each with different names! 

The heights and measurements of oak barrels, Butts, Puncheons and Hogsheads. Railwaysleepers.com
The four most common sizes oak casks are:

BUTT - Approx 500 litres
1.3m high, 90cm middle diameter & 70cm top & bottom diameter.

Approx 450 litres 
1.1m high, 100cm middle diameter & 80cm top & bottom diameter.

HOGSHEAD - Approx 300 litres 
0.9m high, 70cm middle diameter & 60cm top & bottom diameter.

BARRELApprox 200 litres
0.8m high, 60cm middle diameter & 50cm top & bottom diameter.

Sizes are very approximate. Oak casks are hand crafted and can vary in dimensions. 


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