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Garden bench made from new oak railway sleepers.  Staggered retaining wall made from new oak railway sleepers.  Oak barrel used as table outside bar.  Oak barrel used as dramatic looking planter.  Collection of raised beds made from new pine railway sleepers.  Used railway sleepers are perfect for building garden steps.  Oak railway sleepers used to build thrones or grand chairs.  Vertical landscaping poles used for landscaping.  Oak railway sleepers used to build decorative retaining wall.  A half oak barrel creates an eye catching planter.  Amazing that a small off-cut of tropical hardwood railway sleeper can be turned into such a beautiful bowl.  Stunning statues made from new oak railway sleepers.  
The world's largest collection of railway sleeper projects & ideas!! A huge thank you to all of you who have sent photos and descriptions of your railway sleeper projects and generously shared your creations online. You are helping us create a wonderful resource that will help to build and shape 1000's of future landscaping & railway sleeper projects. 

Eye catching walls and steps made from new oak railway sleepers.  New oak railway sleepers create beautiful raised beds.  Dramatic looking steps and garden walls from new oak railway sleepers.  Redbull cycling challenge in Nottingham City Centre.  Decking and patio using railway sleepers.  Landscaping poles are ideal for creating garden buildings and play houses.  The moving of a concrete boat from the railway sleeper yard.  Jarrah tropical hardwood railway sleepers used for retaining wall.  New railway sleepers approach beautiful hexagonal garden building.   Eye catching engraved lines on new oak railway sleepers.  Vertical railway sleepers fixed at different heights create eye catching garden wall.  Old oak barrels can be used for so many purposes including bar tables.
To all of you who enjoy these pages, with dreams and schemes in your head, let's see what YOU finally plan, & what YOU manage to create with railway sleepers! Show us your 'before', 'during' and 'after' pictures. Tell us how it went. Your successes as well as your not so smooth moments! It's incredibly helpful for others to see what you've created with your railway sleepers. It's not necessarily about people wanting to copy what you've made with railway sleepers… more about them being given great ideas and endless possibilities. Dare to share your railway sleeper project online! Email your photos to or WhatsApp them to 07816 959310


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