ART PROJECTS with Railway Sleepers

Art creations throughout the world have included unique and amazing uses of railway sleepersArt creates all sorts of emotional reactions. A secret smile, a sigh, words of praise or anger, a look of amazement, or a scratch of the head and ponderings about the sanity of the art world that we live in.  Here is a selection of unusual and wonderful projects that have used new & used railway sleepers, and have been sent in from customers and friends around the world.

It's both facinating and illuminating to see what has been created.  It's not about wanting to recreate them back at home, but more about people sharing great ideas and endless possibilities, that we we might add to our own lives. So, enjoy these pages and expand those dreams and schemes in your head. Let's see the artistic railway sleeper projects that YOU have created or which YOU have been part of! Show us some 'before' and 'after' pictures. Tell us how it went. The successes and wonderful moments as well as the difficult and challenging times. Dare to share your personal project with railway sleepers online!


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