Simo's Finnish Puukko knife from Azobe railway sleepers

The Scandinavian model knife "puukko" is based on a 2000 year old hunting knive. The length of the blade is the length of the palm of the owner, and has no barrier to prevent the hand sliding to the blade. We have in Scandinavia a belief that if a man needs a shelter, then he doesn't deserve a puukko knife. 

It is just a tool. The puukko is not a fighting weapon but intended for hunting, fishing & carving. It is common experience that if a Finn is dropped into a desert, all he needs to survive is a puukko knife. This claim was very well documented by our soldiers in the forests of Karelia 70 years ago.

Simo Raisanen
Oulo, Finland

Small pieces of new Azobe railway sleepers Says..

Thank you so much for the pictures of your beautifully crafted knife, as well as your fascinating history of the 'puukko'.