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EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT RAILWAY SLEEPERS but were afraid to ask! Whether you are planning a raised bed, retaining wall, raised pond or some steps in the garden, you will find that railway sleepers are brilliant to use. Whether you want new or used railway sleepers, softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, we have 1000's in stock & WE LOVE THEM! Some might say that this makes us a little obsessive, having recently built the largest railway sleeper projects collection in the world, but we are proud to say that we equally care about our customers & enthusiastically supply our railway sleepers throughout the UK. We even have a support programme for those ADDICTED to railway sleepers!

What our customers say...

  • Thank you very much for the railway sleepers, received yesterday. The transport people were great. It makes a big difference when someone is very considerate of neighbours! It has been a genuine pleasure buying from you. Please pass on my sincere thanks to others in the immediate team and to the driver....

    Robert Lee

  • I want to thank you very much for your patience and your help yesterday with railway sleeper raised beds. It's all new territory to me and you were very understanding!...

    Stella Nickolay

  • I received the railway sleepers today and am very happy with them. It may be a while before they manifest into something structural to take pictures of. Thanks....

    Tim Kellam, Newquay

  • Great communication and flexible when I changed my date of collection at short notice. Really friendly staff at the railway sleeper yard and it couldn't have been easier. The guy at the yard even checked I was happy with their dog (of course I was - Luna was gorgeous). I'm happy with the 60cm treated railway sleepers, which were simply used as stepping stones for a path through our front garden th...

    Ewan Shawcroft

  • I just stumbled across your web site and felt compelled to contact you. You've given me great ideas on how to landscape & use the railway sleepers. Your contents are refreshing and did make me laugh out loud, especially the delivery costs you quote for outer-space! It's great to see a company that's open and honest and doesn't take its self too seriously. Thanks very much and I wish you continued...

    Mark Davies, Hampshire

  • A very belated email to acknowledge your excellent service. I'd like to acknowledge that everyone I came in contact with at RailwaySleepers.com - via email, phone, and in person when railway sleepers were delivered - were extremely helpful and informative on all issues including pricing and delivery arrangements. It was a real pleasure doing business with you and I hope to again one day in the fut...

    Simon Pugh

  • I like very much how your website is a resource for ideas and how to work with railway sleepers rather than just a railway sleeper shop like so many others. I do a lot of DIY, and try to do this at the highest level possible, not because I am so much in love wtih it, but because I simply can't afford to engage all the professionals. So having websites like yours is pure gold in that respect! Very...

    Nik Crosina

  • Thanks for providing a great website - I've spent the afternoon researching my idea of using railway sleepers to make an indoor table and didn't feel like I was getting very far until I found your site....


  • You've probably never heard of me, but I recommend your railway sleepers to most of my clients and mention your website on almost all of my design drawings, because your website has the best range and the best pictures, and I hardly ever design a garden without your railway sleepers....

    Jennifer Mitchell

  • Hi there Just wanted to say that we’re delighted with our railway sleepers. Really nice and helpful delivery man too. We’ve already started to cut the the railway sleepers, what lovely colours they are! We will take photos and send them to you for your project pages....

    Sarah Young

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Our entrance sign that announces the wide range of new and used railway sleepers in our railway sleeper yard. Railwaysleepers.com  A wide range of new and used railway sleepers in our railway sleeper yard. Railwaysleepers.com A wide range of used tropical hardwood railway sleepers in our railway sleeper yard. Railwaysleepers.com A wide range of new oak railway sleepers in our railway sleeper yard. Railwaysleepers.com A wide range of used Dutch oak railway sleepers in our railway sleeper yard. Railwaysleepers.com A wide range of new British pine railway sleepers in our railway sleeper yard. Railwaysleepers.com
Railway sleeper raised bed kit offer. Railwaysleepers.com New oak railway sleepers offer. Railwaysleepers.com New pine railway sleeper offer. Railwaysleepers.com Used reject railway sleeper pack offers. Railwaysleepers.com New reject packs of railway sleepers. Railwaysleepers.com Railway sleeper timber & decking screws offers. Railwaysleepers.com

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Railway Sleeper Projects

Sometimes it's enough to send you off the rails...
Railway sleepers and railway tracks. Railwaysleepers.com
There are hundreds of railway sleeper choices, whether new or used, hardwood or softwood. There are thousands of amazing railway sleeper projects. Railway sleeper inspiration is coming from all directions! Landscapers, gardeners, architects, builders... Railway sleeper raised beds. Railway sleeper steps. Railway sleeper walls. Railway sleeper water features. Railway sleeper buildings. A world covered with millions of amazing railway sleepers!
Luna in training as railway sleeper inspector. Railwaysleepers.comLuna the railway sleeper inspector in her hi-vis vest. Railwaysleepers.comLuna is qualified as a railway sleeper inspector. Railwaysleepers.comLuna easily passes her railway sleeper forklift test. Railwaysleepers.com
1) HOW TO ATTACH railway sleepers together
2) WHAT IS THE BEST railway sleeper?
3) Building a RETAINING WALL with railway sleepers
4) Deliveries of railway sleepers to OUTER SPACE
5) OAK railway sleepers from UKRAINE


White faced sheep peering out from bracken, maybe searching for railway sleepers! Railwaysleepers.comPUBLIC WARNING! 
Planning a project with railway sleepers can be amazingly exciting, as you turn your creative dreams into reality. We offer on this website a wealth of ideas, tips & photos on how to use railway sleepers! But a word of WARNING. The more involved you get in your railway sleeper project, the less time you'll spend on other parts of your life! Soon you'll stop going out, meeting friends, going to work, helping with children, the housework, or even getting dressed. Soon you'll only babble on incessantly about wonderful railway sleepers!
YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  WE CAN HELP YOU!  READ MORE                                               

Addiction to railway sleepers - take care! Railwaysleepers.comDANGER!!  Planning landscaping projects with railway sleepers can be seriously ADDICTIVE! 
"It started with 3 railway sleepers, and ended up being 25. We just got carried away." A & K confession
"My wife doesn't know what I'm up to but I suppose it's just a matter of time before I'm 'outed'. Nick B confession.
CAUTION! - You will probably spend endless hours on this website, as you investigate the astonishing world of railway sleepers & discover amazing new ideas & projects. You have been warned! 
NO LIABILITY! - We can take no responsibility for any loss of family, job, money or friends as you fall deeper into this fabulous world of railway sleepers.  KEEP CLEAR! - Some have entered the railway sleeper Projects Pages and never been heard of again.    PLEASE TAKE HEED !

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Whether it's project ideas or sales advice, Luna will always go the extra mile. Be it quality control, site security or health and safety... she is constantly vigilant. Always friendly and forever seeing the best of everyone, she makes a visit to the railway sleeper yard in Nottingham a really special trip to remember. 

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