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EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT RAILWAY SLEEPERS but were afraid to ask! Whether you are planning a raised bed, retaining wall, raised pond or some steps in the garden, you will find that railway sleepers are brilliant to use. Whether you want new or used railway sleepers, softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, we have 1000's in stock & WE LOVE THEM! Some might say that this makes us a little obsessive, having recently built the largest railway sleeper projects collection in the world, but we are proud to say that we equally care about our customers & enthusiastically supply our railway sleepers throughout the UK. 

What our customers say...

  • Dear Sir/Madam. Firstly - Congratulations on a fantastic website about railway sleepers - the photo section is great and has been a huge source of inspiration....

    Lynda Wixted, Ireland

  • Thank you so very much for your time and trouble in sorting out the delivered railway sleepers. The recipient of the railway sleepers is very pleased and your outfit is very nice to deal with. Your website is fantastic - all in all a great company. Very best wishes to you all....

    Christine Fairbrother

  • Can I just say what a fantastic website you have!!! I am myself currently investigating the possible import of railway sleepers and I am researching companies that currently sell them. Loving all the pictures and the story about the divorce case. What a breath of fresh air that some companies still reach out to everybody instead of having cheesy photographs of the CEO/MD feeding us all the same co...


  • Just a note to say "Thank You" to you all. Great service throughout and love the railway sleepers too. Please also pass thanks to the haulier. The driver was lovely - phoned to confirm he was en route, really friendly, helpful and efficient. Will send pics of the finished project! ...

    Julia and Nick Laurie

  • I was reading some of the details regarding the collection and siting of railway sleepers. Comedy afoot! Good stuff, though perhaps not to everyone's taste but I am of similar composition so I was tingling with chuckles as I was reading. Appreciated by me much. If anyone doesn't see it like that then that's their fault for being a stickler!...

    Victor Williamson

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Railway Sleeper Projects

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!  Planning a project with railway sleepers can be amazingly exciting, as you turn your creative dreams into reality. We offer on this website a wealth of ideas, tips & photos on how to use railway sleepers! But a word of warning. The more involved you get in your project, the less time you'll spend on other parts of your life! Soon you'll stop going out, meeting friends, going to work, helping with children or the housework, getting dressed, & soon you'll only babble on about wonderful railway sleepers! 
                                               YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  WE CAN HELP YOU!  
DANGER!!  Planning landscaping projects with railway sleepers can be seriously ADDICTIVE! 
"It started with 3 railway sleepers, and ended up being 25. We just got carried away." A & K confession
CAUTION! - You will probably spend endless hours on this website, as you investigate the world of railway sleepers & discover amazing new ideas & projects. You have been warned! 
NO LIABILITY! - We can take no responsibility for any loss of family, job, money or friends as you fall deeper into this fabulous world of railway sleepers.  KEEP CLEAR! - Some have entered the railway sleeper Projects Pages and never been heard of again.    PLEASE TAKE HEED !

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What a great accomplishment, and even more impressive in the restrictive shadow of the covid pandemic. Jo's beautifully constructed and designed railway sleeper raised beds have transformed their garden, and created a perfect setting for a backdrop of gorgeous flowers and plants all the way around their house. Amidst the gloom, something definitely to celebrate!

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Many thanks to John for his kind words, photos and useful description of his project. Removing some old rotten railway sleeper steps and replacing them with eight 'new' hardwood oak ones seems very easy on paper, but in reality it is a tough undertaking. Lifting the heavy railway sleepers up a slope is always an ordeal, and then chainsawing the hardwood oak to size is by no means easy. Add to that the slicing up and carrying away of the old railway sleepers, and you've got a pretty back-breaking undertaking. All credit to him.

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