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EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT RAILWAY SLEEPERS but were afraid to ask! Whether you are planning a raised bed, retaining wall, raised pond or some steps in the garden, you will find that railway sleepers are brilliant to use. Whether you want new or used railway sleepers, softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, we have 1000's in stock & WE LOVE THEM! Some might say that this makes us a little obsessive, having recently built the largest railway sleeper projects collection in the world, but we are proud to say that we equally care about our customers & enthusiastically supply our railway sleepers throughout the UK. We even have a support programme for those ADDICTED to railway sleepers!

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  • A great site. Not only for purchase of railway sleepers, but a wealth of ideas and some fascinating information...

    Heather Smith Thomassen

  • Just a quick email to say thank you. The oak railway sleepers were spot on. They were straight, free from twist and (by the time I'd cut it up) worked out perfectly. It's made a really good table that I think my customer will be well pleased with....

    Wayne from Newark

  • Hi, I collected cut railway sleepers in two trips about a month or 6 weeks ago. The garden is looking better now. Thanks for the personal service and a great web site....

    Craig & Clare

  • My order of railway sleepers arrived yesterday – way before I expected. Special mention to the delivery guy who was more than helpful. Many thanks....

    Ian MacDougal

  • The railway sleepers have just arrived. Can I just thank you for your great service, and also a special thank you for the fantastic delivery driver, who made light of a difficult delivery. Please pass on our thanks. Well done...

    Barny Parks

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Railway Sleeper Projects


Planning a project with railway sleepers can be amazingly exciting, as you turn your creative dreams into reality. We offer on this website a wealth of ideas, tips & photos on how to use railway sleepers! But a word of warning. The more involved you get in your project, the less time you'll spend on other parts of your life! Soon you'll stop going out, meeting friends, going to work, helping with children or the housework, getting dressed, & soon you'll only babble on about wonderful railway sleepers! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  WE CAN HELP YOU!  READ MORE                                               

DANGER!!  Planning landscaping projects with railway sleepers can be seriously ADDICTIVE! 
"It started with 3 railway sleepers, and ended up being 25. We just got carried away." A & K confession
CAUTION! - You will probably spend endless hours on this website, as you investigate the world of railway sleepers & discover amazing new ideas & projects. You have been warned! 
NO LIABILITY! - We can take no responsibility for any loss of family, job, money or friends as you fall deeper into this fabulous world of railway sleepers.  KEEP CLEAR! - Some have entered the railway sleeper Projects Pages and never been heard of again.    PLEASE TAKE HEED !

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BEN'S LAWN EDGING with new pine railway sleepers

BEN'S LAWN EDGING with new pine railway sleepers

A well constructed landscaping project. There's something very straightforward and clean-lined about using new railway sleepers in your garden. They are so easy for framing lawns and patios, and building simple raised beds and steps, and manage to look exceptionally smart and yet natural at the same time. On a completely different note, I notice that you have used artificial grass. I think I used to have an automatic old fogey dislike to plastic grass, in the same way as I impulsively did to PVC windows, electric bikes, brick-effect render and plastic gnomes. But I'm softening in my old age. I can see that that it looks really good all year round, is of low maintenance, probably from re-cycled plastic and deters moles.  But there again, I wouldn't be able to play with my mower..... yet on the other hand I'd create no petrol fumes.... Aghhh.... Endless impossible decisions.

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Great to see the development of James's impressive workshop table for his wife, from the initial cutting and attaching of the different pieces of railway sleeper, to finally seeing the bench in use. A solid and sturdy base to fashion some beautiful jewellery. Whether she creates a spectacular gold leaf Faberge egg encrusted with priceless diamonds and dripping with rubies, or some simple silver earings, your heavy duty jewellery bench will be an inspiration for decades. 

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