Bargain Packs of Used Railway Sleepers


Length Width Depth Unit Price (+vat) Quantity
PACK NO.9. SEE PHOTOS 20 pieces. REJECT Tropical Hardwood Grade 1-3 Length: 2200-2400 Width: 250mm Depth: 125mm £680.00 £520.00 - +
PACK NO.10. SEE PHOTOS. 16 pieces. REJECT Tropical Hardwood Grade 1-2 Length: 1200mm Width: 300mm Depth: 125mm £336.00 £240.00 - +
PACK NO.13 SEE PHOTOS. 18 variable size pieces of REJECT Tropical hardwood Grade 1-2 Length: 2600mm and less Width: 300-200mm Depth: 150-125mm £612.00 £432.00 - +
PACK NO.16. SEE PHOTOS. 16 pieces REJECT tropical hardwood 2600 x 300 x 125mm Length: 2600mm Width: 300 Depth: 125 £640.00 £432.00 - +


Grade: Grade 1-3 reject used railway sleepers and offcuts. They are the mixed bag residue of different sizes of used railway sleepers that have been rejected as seconds, last of stock or offcuts. SEE PHOTOS ABOVE OF THE VARIOUS BARGAIN PACKS OF RAILWAY SLEEPERS 
Colour: Variety of colours on the outside. Various lighter shades on the inside, when cut or planed. 
Weight: Individual railway sleepers can weigh between 40kg - 95kg approx.
Treatment: Used railway sleepers are untreated tropical hardwood or creosote treated oak or pine. 
Description: Bargain packs of used railway sleepers and offcuts that have been put on one side with a variety of cracks, bowing, crumbly softness, imperfections etc... . We have banded together those of a similar'ish size, and sell them as a mixed bag bundle. SEE PHOTOS ABOVE of the VARIOUS PACKS
Cutting: Hardwood railway sleepers are not ones that you would want to cut too many of by hand, unless you were in training for an Iron Man competition. You'll need a circular saw / chainsaw or powered saw to cut these railway sleepers. Start off with a new or sharpened blade, and be prepared to re-sharpen. Pine is much easier to cut.
Attaching / Fixing: Timberlok screws can successfully be used to fasten these reject railway sleepers together, although you will definitely need to  pre-drill first. Make sure the drill is particularly powerful. Oak and hardwood timber in particular can be pretty tough!
Size: IMPORTANT. All sizes below are approximate, especially with baragain packs. That means that although a reject pack of railway sleepers is described as 2600mm in length, or 250mm depth or 100mm width it may in fact be quite a few centimetres longer or shorter, thicker or thinner. This is partly due to the fact that when sawmills cut railway sleepers, they don't see them as having to be centimetre accurate in dimension. As it happens, most landscaping projects have an element of flexibility or tolerance in them and can cope with this. If your project needs exact accuracy in length, width or depth, then you may to cut them to your precise specifications yourself, or think of using a different product.

Our Comment
These bargain packs are the rejects from batches of used railway sleepers that have arrived in the last year or so. Obviously these lower grade reject 'mixed bag' sleepers are more weathered, cracked, bowed, crumbly or imperfect than their higher relatives, yet should still be usable for all sorts of projects including landscaping, steps, raised beds, decking, aquatics etc.. as well as internal furniture, lintels, woodturning etc.. Some of them are major weight, so plan for lots of help! SEE PHOTOS ABOVE OF THE different railway sleeper REJECT PACKS

Important information about your used railway sleepers
Reclaimed railway sleepers have been practically used for many decades out in the open to support train tracks. Naturally, they have been weathered by the wind, rain, sun and snow, and also can be have residues of grime, dirt, or oil  from the trains that have passed or stopped over them. This is simply the obvious consequence of using authentic and historical railway sleepers. Having spent 30 - 60 years on a railway track, they may also have the rustic signs of cracks, loose bits, and 'character' with occasional areas of crumbly softness or decay. Most landscapers install them in the garden, and simply allow the rain and snow to clean them up. Others may choose to jet wash them, especially if they want to sit on them. If you visit our projects pages, you will see thousands of landscaping projects that have used reclaimed railway sleepers, recently taken from the railways.

Historically, railway sleepers never had to be exact in length or width for their purpose on the railway track, and so the sawmills were fairly ‘give or take’ in the timbers they produced. Hence all sizes were approximate. That means that although a railway sleeper may be described as approximately 2600mm in length, or 300mm in width, or 125mm in depth it may in fact be several centimetres (or inches) longer or shorter, thicker or thinner. As it happens, most landscaping projects have an element of flexibility or tolerance in them and can cope with this. However if a specific project needs exact accuracy in length, width or depth then a landscaper may need to either cut the railway sleeper to their precise specifications, or think of using a different size or type of railway sleeper that is more accurate, e.g. the new pine ones.

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