We are a railway sleeper supplier near Nottingham

We provide an exciting range of new and used railway sleepers throughout the UK for thousands of customers, ranging from professional landscapers, garden centres, and councils, to building companies, private gardeners, and small DIY projects. Some people collect from us, whilst others ask us to deliver to them. We can supply any quantity of materials, from single items to bulk orders. You are welcome to visit us or ring to discuss any project.

We're not a multi-national company, but a friendly family size business. We enjoy sharing the excitement and originality of people's projects whether they are large or small, and seeing these come to fruition

Our website will help you with everything you need to know about railway sleepers whether for gardening, construction or furniture making. It contains a wealth of project ideas and facinating pictures. Please send us YOUR pictures! Every week we are getting more and more photos of your projects. We are creating a fantastic resource for gardeners and landscapers that has fast become the largest railway sleeper projects library in the world! Thousands of people are now pouring over these projects, on a weekly basis, to gain ideas and inspiration. Thankyou for sharing them and keep them coming!

We can supply you with 30 different types and sizes of railway sleepers. New or used; hardwood or softwood; treated or untreated; railway sleepers from all over the world !! Our full selection of railway sleepers, together with prices, dimensions & photos can all be found online, together with 1000's of examples of railway sleeper projects

We deliver railway sleepers throughout the UK and provide an information service, for both individual and commercial users. We are registered by the environment agency.

Contact us now to discuss your project, to arrange a visit or place your order. Deliveries of railway sleepers can normally be arranged in 2- 5 days.

Our materials

Do we supply garden gnomes or plastic sleepers? Avoiding a slippery slope!!

We mainly supply large wooden landscape materials that are the basic 'building blocks' to the gardener: Railway sleepers for dramatic raised beds, steps, seats, ponds, pathways etc.. We also supply Telegraph and landscaping poles for posts, borders, swings, tree-houses etc.. and Oak barrels for water butts and planters... 

We often get asked if we sell slate, boulders, top soil, gravel, turf, etc.. (we don't) ...but each year we add new materials.. so who knows! Recently we've been offered sandstone paving slabs which looked excellent... but it's a slippery slope. First you get into slabs, and then naturally move into patios. Soon would follow sheds and barbecues with turbo charged strimmers & partially dressed Greek goddesses. Plastic flowers & farting gnomes would tumble thereafter... and then you might as well give up on life itself. You've got to be careful!

Only this month we were asked if we sold plastic sleepers ! Mind you, laughing apart, Network Rail are now trialing the recycling of rubbish into plastic railway sleepers. SEE LINK

Thank you for your entertaining and informative website. Regarding slippery slopes, I'd hate you to miss out on this plastic railway sleeper trend. On a walk round Derwent Water last weekend there was a large section of boardwalk made of plastic decking boards and I was impressed that this may be part of the answer to the scourge of plastic. Enfield have begun to use road surfacing asphalt containing recycled plastic https://resource.co/article/recycled-plastic-road-surface-trialled-enfield-council-12444 
I'm with you on the gnomes though.

Vic Fox

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