Rob's unique 'Sound Mirror' sculpture project with seating and walls from old railway sleepers

Thought you may be interested in my last 'Sound Mirror' project in Cheltenham at the King George V playing fields.  Sound mirrors were a forerunner of radar, using sound waves rather than radio waves. They were know as “Listening Ears”. The design was also informed by my wish to retain a low carbon footprint. Most of the materials are recycled or re-purposed. The seating and retaining walls are from old timber Jarrah railway sleepers.
Rob Olins
Architectural Sculpture

Reclaimed tropical hardwood railway sleepers
Grade 1-2
2.6m x 300mm x 125mm Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
It's fascinating to see your intriguing public project, that has created an eye catching focus and gathering point in the park. A place to meet, and listen and chat. The benches and staggered vertical walls made from reclaimed tropical hardwood railway sleepers provide a perfect framework for the Sound Mirrors. A unique installation.